Angled Billet Shell Quiver

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The Gen 2 Angled Shell Quivers all have adjustable retention. 3 small set screws are tapped into the back of the shell quiver to allow adjustment for deviations in different ammo sizes. This also allows you to adjust how tight you want the rounds held into quiver. Each Angled quiver is a +3. This means that each quiver, no matter the caliber, holds 3 rounds.

Currently these shell quivers are offered in .357/38Spl, 30-30, .44mag/44Spl, and 45-70/45LC.


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    Ordered 2 sets for my Henry X 30/30

    Posted by Kody Boatman on 30th Sep 2023

    Great quality as far as machining goes and look so much better slanted than other styles I saw. I purchased two first one went on great second one I had an issue with just one nylon set screw it was jammed in so far and it wouldn’t budge no matter what I tried. After many failed attempts of loosening, Ended up having to drill the nylon insert out. Overall really nice product but the nylon inserts I’m not a fan of. The other one worked great though they are really cool. If I could add a photo I would! That was my only issue other than that I was very satisfied with the look of them. Fit nicely side by side.